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 Michael Salis Photography

Wedding Photographer in Paros Greece


Wedding Photographer in Paros Greece

Hello and welcome! I am Michael, or Michalis in Greek, and I am a Wedding Photographer in Paros Greece. I will not lie to you, I am not very good with words, I hope I make up for it with my photography. People who know me and people I work with say that I am a relaxed and easy going person. I am naturally more of a listener rather than a talker and on the shy side, but I generally get along very well with people. It is probably because of this character of mine that I feel so drawn to Wedding Photojournalism, I use my eyes to ‘listen’ to the story as it unfolds, I do not interrupt or interfere, just observe.

Even though photography came late in my life it quickly became the focal point and monopolised my time, both personally and professionally. Shortly after a BA in photography in the UK in 2008 I found myself in Paros, a small island in the Aegean Sea, satisfying my thirst for sunlight, something I missed so much in England. I am lucky enough to still be here and call this little paradise home. Since 2010, I spent most of the year as a wedding photographer in Paros Greece and the nearby islands – Naxos, Ios, Santorini, Mykonos, Milos and have developed a personal photographic style which is usually described as Documentary Wedding Photography.



Useful questions & Answers

How would you describe your style?

My intention during your wedding is to capture the real story of the day, the story of you! Therefore it is rather unlikely that I will ask you to pretend something, to pose or direct you in any way. My job is to observe discreetly, be in the moment as it unfolds and record those precious memories for you. I will be close to you and your guests but I do my best to go unnoticed, to cause minimal interference. You can read more about my style and approach in the about page.

Do you take any group shots?

Although a documentary wedding photographer I appreciate the need for a selection of portrait and group shots of your family and guests. The best time to interrupt the flow of the day for this session is usually after the ceremony. It would be wise to organise the groups before hand and keep the number of the groups as low as possible so we can finish this quickly and with a minimum of inconvenience to your guests.

What about posed images of the couple?

Once the ceremony is over and until you show up at the reception, there might be a small window of time for a short couple shoot.  Don’t expect big flashguns and strict posing, nothing like that. Rather, a relaxed walk in a nice setting near by, or a little chat between the couple, loose scenarios that will produce images that fit in with the documentary coverage of the rest of the day.

Where are you based and will you travel to our wedding?

For the past 10 years I have been working as a wedding photographer in Paros Greece, a small island in the Greek Aegean Sea. I love travelling, but travelling with the purpose to capture the story of your wedding makes me excited! So, yes I would love to travel to you!

Are you available for our wedding?

I really hope so! But lets begin with the basics so please sent me the details of your wedding, the more the better! Easiest way to do it is through the form at the contact page. Feel like chatting? I am happy to discuss with you over the phone so give me a call!

Who will come to our wedding?

There is only one man behind this business and that is me so I will be covering your wedding. I like to work on my own and do so in most occasions but if a second photographer or assistant is required we can discuss this further…

Do you have any Wedding Packages?

What I try to do in every wedding is to tell the story of your day through images. It is only if I am with you at all times that I will be able to tell the complete story. A full day coverage will usually  last 10 hours and includes everything from the preparations until late at the party. This is the Wedding Package that I almost always suggest to my couples. If you are planning though something much simpler I will be happy to hear you and discuss with you our options.

What do we receive and when?

You will get a mix of colour and black & white images in high quality JPG files on a private online gallery through this website. They will be available for you to download and share once all the editing is done. I personally process and edit all the images , one by one, making sure that you will receive only the best possible outcome. This process can take up to 8 weeks after your wedding, especially during the high season May to September.

Can we print our photos?

You are free to print all of your photos and distribute them if you wish, but only for personal use. So yes, you can and in fact, you should print your photos because it is through the prints that they really shine and get the importance they deserve. You should also consider the option of a digital album. They are beautiful, hand made and they will preserve your memories for ever. Just let me know if you are interested and I will give you all the relevant info.

What equipment do you use?

Most of the day  I carry on me 2 Canon cameras with two prime lenses. This is it usually. I keep it simple so I can focus on the beautiful moments happening all around. I know my gear and I can rely on it and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong there is always a big bag full of backup equipment with me.

What about videography services?

Unfortunately not, I can only do one thing at a time so I cannot offer any videography services but I will be glad to recommend you to one of my associates.

Do you only do weddings?

Wedding photography occupies most of my time nowadays  but I will not say no to other interesting projects. In the last years though my attention has also shifted towards Architectural Photography which I find extremely interesting and appealing. But my heart is still with documenting your wedding, capturing the emotions, looking for THE moment, telling a story, your story!

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