Sotiris and Anna’s traditional Greek wedding in Paros was one of the surprises of the previous season for me. They are both the kind of people that you can really connect with. Simple, easy going and relaxed, they enjoyed every second of their special day. From their preparations in the morning till late at the party, there wasn’t a moment where I felt an outsider, a stranger that was just there to do his work. They generously opened their hearts and doors and allowed me in so I can capture these beautiful moments of their traditional Greek wedding in Paros. The orthodox ceremony took place at Agios Fokas Chapel, right at the entrance of Paros port.

A traditional little boat, lantza as they call it here, brought the beautiful bride and  her family to the chapel where everyone attended the intimate ceremony.  Soon after it ended, refreshments and some champagne accompanied the wishes and warm hugs between the couple and the guests. The newly married sealed their happiness and joy with an amazing celebration and party until early in the morning at Arokaria Hideaway, away from the fuss of the city. Couldn’t be happier to have met you Sotiris and Anna! Thank you for the beautiful moments we shared and for allowing me to capture your amazing wedding in Paros.