Wondering how a Traditional Cycladic House in Paros looks like? Take a look at the photos below to get a blast from the past!

In the absence of strict architectural regulations, little houses like this one are usually  bought and immediately demolished in order to built massive modern luxurious villas in their place. This, together with the uncontrollable touristic development of the latest years, has almost turned Paros Island into just another summer destination with no true, original identity.

This beautiful renovated residence, katikia as they use to call this type of houses, is located at the picturesque settlement of Prodromos on the east side of the island. The owners have wisely chosen not to drastically change the original layout of the house and kept all those architectural elements that make this type of buildings so special. Built with the sole purpose to serve the human needs, to make the most out of the limited space without seeking admiration or reward, to protect from the strong wind and the summer heat, perfectly matched with the surroundings, this traditional Cycladic house in Paros is a window to the past and a reminder that less is more!