It is always a great pleasure to receive a request from a partner that you have worked with in the past, especially if the previous collaboration was a pleasant  and fruitful experience for all the parts involved. When the wedding planner Cristy Lagiou  contacted me for this small symbolic wedding in Paros, I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with her again since I was sure that everything would run smoothly and in a relaxed manner throughout the wedding day. Although this is a subject for another post, I will briefly say that a wedding planner can be of invaluable help for the photographer and of course the couple, but I have also experienced the case where he or she can be a hindrance and a distraction for the professional. These are rare case where the wedding planner puts more emphasis and importance in showcasing his work rather than making everything easy for the couple and their guests. Although I understand and appreciate the professional ‘s need for promoting their business, it is crucial to remember that first comes the couple, this is who must me happy at the end of the day. This happiness will ensure the success and longevity of the business in the future.

Back to this memorable small symbolic wedding in Paros, I met Natalie and Paul a few days before the wedding and I instantly realised that this would be a fun wedding and a joy to photograph. They are both easy going and relaxed, fun to work with, in love and lucky enough to already have a gorgeous baby daughter in their lives. They both got ready in Boudari Hotel near Drios and the intimate  symbolic wedding took place right in front of the hotel and next to the sea, in a beautiful ceremony area prepared by Christy and her associates. Soon after, everyone enjoyed a drink and wished and hugged and kissed the newly weds under the setting sun and took their seats in the long wedding table by the pool. The relaxed and joyful atmosphere continued through the rest of the evening and the wedding day ended with loud music and partying till late!