Every once in a while you get the chance to work with a couple that will make your work easier, better and more meaningful. Young, happy, good looking and totally in love, this is all a wedding photographer can ask for!

Chrysanthi, the beautiful bride, got ready and put on her spectacular dress in Saint Andreas Resort and from there was escorted by her father and two local musicians to the chapel of Agios Ioannis Detis. I have been working as wedding photographer in Paros for almost ten years and have worked in every single corner of the island, this little monastery still remains one of my favourite places to shoot and certainly the perfect location for such a glamorous wedding.

I strongly believe that a photographer should always be active and participating in organising the timeline of the wedding day. One good example of why this is important is  the fact that I always advise my couples to plan the day in such a way that there is some available time after the ceremony for a short couple shoot. If you scroll down to the images of Chrysanthi and Marios shoot after the wedding, you will understand what a shame it would have been if the ceremony had ended later, when there is not any daylight left in the sky, we would have missed those beautiful shots.

The last part of this memorable wedding was to be written in Aspro Seaside Restaurant where the reception was held. After a delicious dinner, the loud music and the wine took care of the rest and the party that followed was the cherry on the cake of this amazing wedding day. Are you too dreaming of a glamorous wedding in Paros? Check out the photos that follow to get a good taste!